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Ramboll Group A/S (also known as just "Ramboll") is a consulting engineering group.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Health benefits are better if you go through the ACA marketplace. Projects like the service plan for the Morandi bridge and testimony on behalf of Phillip Morris that their clients’ chemical products pose little or no health risks to the public are not discussed."


"Discrimination and racism are this company’s mission. I have been forced to relocate to a different office or be fired. I have been denied a job position after signing work contract. Bad salaries"


"Toxic work culture, low pay, crazy work hours, time sheets, no adequate training for new hires, no freedom at all for new hires. It is like a dictatorship of mean bosses. There is absolutely no support for new employees. The company work culture is very toxic in the air practices (Salt Lake City and San Francisco offices). I went in as a new employee and was treated totally unwelcome and every single day at work I felt like I was there to testify in front of a jury. They have no time to train new employees. You will only survive and excel at this place if you are already very experienced. Not a place for new hires dreaming of starting an exciting new career. You will be expected to work way more than 45 hours a week to meet the 40 hour mark for a full time position and you are hardly thanked for your efforts. Rather, they will provide you extremely limited instructions, discourage you to ask questions, expect you to magically know everything and only generate revenue for them from thin air. And they will take every opportunity to pull your leg and yell at you for not being psychic and knowing everything you are supposed to do without them letting you know. Minor mistakes from new hires will be highly exaggerated. If anyone you work with finds a small mistake in your work it will go straight to your boss behind your back. I was fired a year into the company despite showing drastic performance improvements."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Worthless HR department, upper management in Emeryville and San Francisco resemble the cast of Lord of the flies (except Steve Washburn). Support staff are whiny, arrogant and incompetent."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management became draconian after take over"

Former Employee - Senior Associate says

"The industrial wastewater practice based in Nashville is an unmitigated disaster. The business has been in a steady decline for about 10 years."

Director says

"dont work here, but at least they offer lunch"


"When ownership changed from Excel Engineering to Ramboll the company's management was completely changed for the worst. Continually being told by the president that everyone makes to much money!"

Former Employee - Design Engineer says

"HR managers don't support technical staff."

Current Employee - Senior Consultant says

"1) Unclear vision of IT Leadership 2) Frequent strategy changes leading to unstable environment for work. 3) Hire and fire company 4) Frequent organisational changes. 5) You can be asked to relocate to farthest corner of the country without giving you much time to make sound decision. 6)You have be your manager's favorite to succeed. 7) Standard practices are not appreciated here, lot of hitbacks from business if you try to suggest standard practices here. 8) HR here don't talk to the employees. They have created a communication barrier in the name of your line manager."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"A Highly challenging work environment with a very basic employee culture of consultants working in a manner that does not benefit the company as a whole or the individual."

Senior Associate (Current Employee) says

"Ramboll is typical of many upper class consulting firms regarding work ethics and product deliverables. The company is one of the larger environmental firms in the United States and has an impressive number of professionals.Great BenefitsTypical of any consulting firm"

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Over the past 3 years, my wages and benefits have deteriorated. The minimal raises have not kept up with rising costs of health insurance or the cost of living."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"It's an international company and difficult to rate based on my experience working in a local office. Compensation/benefits is above average for industry. Managers operate as individual operators and no sense of team and that seemed problematic for younger employees with less experience. Low morale and lots of negativity due to highly competitive nature of work.Compensation/benefits; including pensionLow morale; rampant negativity."

Account Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed "My" personal work experience with Ramboll The new Office Manager was very nice... Overall I believe it to be a Good company to work for. It has a very location and offices. The people at Ramboll were very helpful and very assisting with questions and information were needed.(Not All) but for the Most part they are a Good group of people to work for.Would have occasional lunches brought in, and other interactive activities to bring workers togather to get to know one anotherShouldn't allow employees to dictate a workers performance without merit"


"My typical day consisted of working in a cubicle and examining court documents pertaining to asbestos litigation cases. I learned how use critical reading skills while searching through litigation paperwork. Management was present and helpful in the beginning, however a buyout caused my department to merge with another. The new manager was macro-manager and did not have time to accommodate my needs. The work culture was okay at best, they went out for happy hour every once in a while and also had food in the office. The hardest part of the job came towards the end trying to find work to keep me occupied because once the buyout came, my manager left and my work dried up. The most enjoyable was being able to travel when other departments needed extra hands on different projects.Free lunches, travel, happy hour"

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